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There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory. Griz Institute of MTB provides knowledge worth knowing. Downhill mountain bike racing is a massive investment. Why waste time to learn the way? The purpose of Griz Institute of MTB is to introduce racers to the way in competing smarter, safer and more efficiently. A champion cannot be made in one day but bringing attention to the process of becoming a champion can.


Where? Southridge Winter Series - Fontana, California.

Clinics are open to 5 riders

Meet at Saturday at 8:30am under the GIMTB pit (near event registration/Shuttle pick up)

1st practice session 9:30am-noon

Break for lunch

2nd practice session 1pm- fatigue or 4pm


Sean McClendon has been involved with racing and the gravity mountain bike community since 1999. He raced for some of the most successful American teams and was a top contender for the win every weekend. Unfortunately in 2010 at National Champs he took a race career altering crash. This only boosted his awareness for recovery and health as he developed a new life for himself. If anyone can teach you about recovery, training, health and anything bike related - "Griz" is the guy to go to. His never-ending energy and push for all things good makes him a great person to be motivated by. I have been a good friend of Griz for 3-years now and I wouldn't have known how to properly approach sponsors, train, eat and recover if it wasn't for the wisdom from Sean.
- 2013 USA Jr. Worlds /2015 Senior Worlds DH Team member, Luca Cometti

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